An amazing experience of history and modern art

6 hours – Car available all 6 hours


Price: US $ 1.575 (max. 6 participants) – Entrance fees are not included.
**The tour price is for a group from 1-6 participants and not per person.
***Starting point at your request (within the city centre)


On this tour, we are leaving Copenhagen to go on a day trip including a visit to a fantastic castle that used to be the residence of the Danish Royal Family, Kronborg Castle. Furthermore, we will visit Louisiana Modern Museum of Art.


Visit to Kronborg Castle
After a 45-minute drive we arrive to the most famous and impressive castle in Danish history, Kronborg Castle. A tour of the castle will take you through beautifully decorated rooms with renaissance and baroque interiors that reveal the residents’ decadent lifestyle.
The castle has been the residence of the royal family and is furthermore also referred to as the Hamlet Castle, since this is where Shakespeare got his inspiration from, to write about Hamlet and Ofelia.


Lunch at Restaurant Sletten (at your own expense)
Surrounded by fishermen’s cottages and directly overlooking the harbour and the sea, the place oozes of charm and nostalgia. Restaurant Sletten on the route and is therefore the perfect place to enjoy a lunch in beautiful surroundings. Sletten is owned by the chef duo behind Michelin-star restaurant formel B in Copenhagen. Both restaurants share their philosophy and concept, where all dishes on the a la carte menu are made with the finest ingredients and served in “smaller” sizes.


Visit Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is situated in Denmark on the North Zealand coast in a spacious, old park with a fine view across the sound of Sweden. Louisiana’s collection of modern art has an international perspective and importance including all genres – emphasising painting and sculpture. The collection is shown partially in varying selected presentations.
Every year, the Louisiana Museum shows six to eight major exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, including classical masters of modern art as well as new and upcoming international artists.
Louisiana is not merely an experience in modern and contemporary art, but a congenial reflection of the interplay between art, architecture and landscape.
The relaxing atmosphere, the museum’s permanent collection, changing exhibitions of art, films, concerts, the children’s wing, the café service indoors and outdoors, the museum shop with its large selection of books, art reproductions, graphics, posters, postcards, design and classical CDs – all combine in making Louisiana a pleasure to visit.