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On our unique Jewish tours around Copenhagen, we will share with you the amazing story of Danish Jewry from when the first Jews were invited by the king Christian 4th in 1622 to the present time. Furthermore our tours will cover some of the most interesting general sights of our Capital. Although never large in numbers, the Jews in Denmark had a substantial and important influence on Danish culture and history. The sights on our tours include the Synagogue and The Jewish Museum, and the Copenhagen landmark, The Round Tower with its golden Hebrew inscriptions.

The miraculous rescue of the Danish Jews We have also created a special tour where we will take you to the little fishing village of Dragor 8 miles outside Copenhagen. Here you will encounter the fishing boat, Elisabeth, which took part in the miraculous rescue of 7,000 Danish Jews in October 1943. All our guides will tell you their families personal stories in relation to the rescue.

Terror attack against the Jewish community in February 2015 Times have changed and your guide will give you an idea of what it´s like to live a Jewish life in Denmark today.

***All our guides are born and raised within the Danish Jewish community


Copenhagen Synagogue closed due to renovation until august 2018!

We will be able to make a visit to the Jewish Community Centre next to the Synagogue.

***New Rescue Tour from May 2018***

7-hour tour by car includes:
4 hour sightseeing by car in Copenhagen followed by a 3-hour visit to the little fishing village of Dragor. Includes a half hour boat ride on the fishing boat Elisabeth and lunch in the charming village.
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