About us

This is Jewish Copenhagen

Jewish Copenhagen was established in 2006 by Charlotte Thalmay.

Our mission is to bring alive the history of Jewish life in Denmark. All the way back from 1622, up to the present with its everyday stories of being a minority in a small country.

We have more than 20-years of experience in telling the amazing 400-year history of the Danish Jews, to travellers from around the world. Our stories have been shared with both private families, larger groups and students from highschools and universities. 

All our guides are handpicked, each with unique family stories about the rescue of the Danish Jews during WW2.
They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with our many visitors from around the world.

Jewish Copenhagen works together with our partner World Jewish Travel.


Our team

Charlotte Thalmay Jewish Copenhagen
Charlotte Thalmay
Guide and CEO

Charlotte has a bachelor’s degree as a tour guide from Roskilde University. 

For more than 20 years, she has specialized in making Jewish tours in Copenhagen.

At the same time, she has lectured several times in USA. 

For 20 years she has been the vice president for the Zionist Federation in Denmark. 

Bente Kaznelson

Bente was born into a traditional Jewish family with a strong interest for Yiddish culture.
She has lived 5 years in Israel and has worked for many years at The Jewish School as a teacher.

She is involved with  a project at  Danish schools where she teaches the students about Judaism.

She loves riding her Icelandic horse or sail in her little sailboat.

Michael Rachlin


Michael was born in Copenhagen into a family with a dramatic Jewish-Lithuanian history.

He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and works as head of communication at The Jewish Community.

Michael is passionate about music, history, food, dogs, and football (He refuses to call it soccer).

Isak Altschul

Isak was born in Denmark to Danish parents, but grew up in Australia, New Zealand (where his father worked as a Rabbi), and Israel.

Isak speaks fluent English, Hebrew and Danish. and is very active in the Jewish youth movement and has deep roots in the country he today call home.

Pia Litwar

Pia is a child of the Danish Jewish community. Her grandfather was chairman of the Jewish congregation.

For more than 30 years, she worked a teacher at the Jewish school in Copenhagen.

Pia is very passionate about art, food and travel and works with ceramics herself.

Philip Blüdnikow

Philip was brought up with a firm interest in both Jewish history and culture. He has studied in Israel in order to learn Hebrew. 

He is very active on the board of the Jewish sports club Hakoah.

Philip works parttime as a Latin teacher at the Copenhagen University.

Ronen Waniewitz Thalmay

Administrator and marketing

Ronen is partner in Jewish Copenhagen and husband to Charlotte who is the CEO.
Besides his activities in Jewish Copenhagen he is the lead singer in the Danish klezmer band Mazel.

He has also been the vice president in B´nai B´rith Denmark.