About us

Welcome to Jewish Copenhagen

Welcome to Jewish Copenhagen, founded in 2006 by Charlotte Thalmay.

Our purpose is to illuminate the rich history of Jewish life in Denmark, spanning from the year 1622 to the present day, portraying the everyday experiences of being a minority in a small nation.

With over 20 years of expertise, we narrate the captivating 400-year journey of Danish Jews to travelers worldwide. Our narratives have captivated private families, large groups, as well as students from high schools and universities alike.

Each of our guides is carefully selected, bearing unique family anecdotes about the rescue of Danish Jews during World War II. They are dedicated to imparting their knowledge and insights to our diverse range of global visitors.

Jewish Copenhagen collaborates closely with our partner  World Jewish Travel.

Our team

Charlotte Thalmay Jewish Copenhagen
Charlotte Thalmay
Guide and CEO

Charlotte holds a bachelor’s degree in tour guiding from Roskilde University.

With over 25 years of expertise, she has focused on leading Jewish tours in Copenhagen and has delivered lectures in the USA.

Additionally, Charlotte has served as the vice president of the Zionist Federation in Denmark for two decades.

Bente Kaznelson

Bente hails from a traditional Jewish family with a deep passion for Yiddish culture.

Having spent five years in Israel, she has dedicated many years to teaching at The Jewish School.Bente is actively engaged in a project for Danish schools, educating students about Judaism.

Apart from her professional pursuits, she enjoys riding her Icelandic horse and sailing in her small sailboat.

Michael Rachlin


Michael, a native of Copenhagen, comes from a family with a rich Jewish-Lithuanian heritage.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in journalism, he currently serves as the head of communication at The Jewish Community.

He has an ardent interest in music, history, culinary delights, dogs, and football (always referred to as football, not soccer).

Isak Altschul

Isak was born in Denmark to Danish parents, but his upbringing took him across Australia, New Zealand (where his father served as a Rabbi), and Israel.

Proficient in English, Hebrew, and Danish, Isak actively participates in the Jewish youth movement and has strong ties to the country he now considers his home.

Pia Litwar

Pia is a child of the Danish Jewish community. Her grandfather was once the  chairman of the Jewish congregation.

For more than 30 years, she worked as a teacher at the Jewish school in Copenhagen.

Pia is very passionate about art, food, traveling and works with ceramics herself.

Philip Blüdnikow

Philip was raised with a deep passion for Jewish history and culture, prompting him to study in Israel to master the Hebrew language.

He plays a vital role on the board of the Jewish sports club, Hakoah.

Additionally, Philip teaches Latin part-time at Copenhagen University.

Ronen Waniewitz Thalmay

Administration and marketing

Ronen is a partner at Jewish Copenhagen and the spouse of Charlotte, the CEO of the company.

In addition to his work at Jewish Copenhagen, he serves as the lead vocalist in the Danish klezmer band, Mazel.

Ronen has held the position of Vice President at B’nai B’rith Denmark.

Isabella Sarchar

Project coordinator

Isabella (Bella) brings extensive expertise from her time in the travel industry in Israel.

As a vital member of our team she is in charge of the daily communication with our customers, managing the CRM system, and curating itineraries tailored to individual preferences.

Additionally, she is the mother of three delightful girls.