About us

Who is Jewish Copenhagen

Jewish Copenhagen was established in 2006 by Charlotte Thalmay.

Our mission is to bring alive the history of Jewish life in Denmark. All the way back from 1622, up to the present with its everyday stories of being a minority in a small country.

We have more than 20-years of experience in telling the amazing 400-year history of the Danish Jews, to travellers from around the world. Our stories have been shared with both private families, larger groups and students from highschools and universities. 

All our guides are handpicked, each with unique family stories about the rescue of the Danish Jews during WW2.
They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with our many visitors from around the world.

Jewish Copenhagen works together with our partner World Jewish Travel.


Our staff

Charlotte Thalmay Jewish Copenhagen
Charlotte Thalmay Jewish Copenhagen

Charlotte Thalmay
Guide and CEO

Bente Kaznelson

Isak Altschul

Michael Rachlin


Roger Kormind

Ronen Thalmay