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Our Jewish tours through Copenhagen, we will introduce you to the amazing story of Danish Jewry from when the first Jews were invited by King Christian 4th, 400 years ago.

Although never many in number, the Jews of Denmark have had a substantial and important influence on Danish culture and history. which led to the miraculous rescue of the Danish Jews during WW2.

Times have changed and we will give you an idea of what it’s like to live a Jewish life in Denmark today, including the story about the terror attack against the Jewish community in February 2015.

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Danish Jewish history comes alive

We offer many different Jewish tours

Choose our Jewish walking tour, to really appreciate the many stories and a wide variety of sights.  If you do not like walking, you may also choose to drive from place to place, or you can combine the two as you like.

You may also choose one of our rescue tours, where we bring you to the fishing village, from where many Danish Jews escaped to Sweden. Or how about combining a Jewish tour with a visit to the beautiful Rosenborg Castle and a private boat tour in the charming canals (Jewish, Castle and Boat tour).
We can always customise a tour to meet your wishes.

For an easy and print friendly overview, download our Jewish Tour Catalogue or check out all the tours in the menu bar above.

*Please note: We do not arrange group tours for individuals. We only do private tours. 

**The tours will be conducted in all weather conditions.