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Tours By Car

If you would like a Jewish tour and discover more of Copenhagen, a tour by car is a great option. Also the perfect solution for a shore excursion.

Rescue Route Tours

Follow in the footsteps of the Danish Jews escaping to Sweden on small fishing boats in a heroic act the world had never seen.
Visiting the authentic village of Dragør.

Classical sights and tours in Copenhagen

If you have more time to spend in Copenhagen, we have many exciting tour offers, like Art and Castle, Meet the Vikings, and Danish Design. 

Jewish walking tours of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a very walkable city. It is easy to dive into the exiting details while exploring the capital. There will be many stops on the way and time to enjoy the pretty setting.

On our unique  Jewish Walking Tours, your Jewish guide will introduce you to the amazing story of Danish Jewry, from when the first Jews were invited by the king Christian 4th in 1622, up to present time. The guide will also share personal stories about the miraculous rescue of 7,000 Danish Jews in October 1943 and about Jewish life today.

Visit to the Copenhagen Synagogue
All our guides are born and raised within the Danish-Jewish community. The 1,5-hour tour include a visit to the Copenhagen Synagogue.
*The Synagogue is closed on Fridays and Sundays.

Visit to the Danish-Jewish Museum
On our 3-hour Jewish walking tour we add on a visit the Danish-Jewish Museum “Mitzvah”.
**The Museum is closed on Mondays from Jun 1 – Aug 31 and on Mondays and Tuesdays from Sep 1 – May 3.

Read more about our Jewish walking tours below. 

*Please note: We only offer pre-booked tours for private parties. We do not have any open tours. 

**The prices mentioned above is the tour price – not per person

***The tours will be carried out in all kinds of weather.

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