Rescue Route 2


In the footsteps of the rescue of the Danish Jews


On this tour, our experienced Jewish guides will share their personal family histories. You will hear the true account of the miraculous rescue of their own families and the more that 7,000 Danish Jews and dependents during The Second World War.


Brave fishermen helped more than 95 % of the Jewish population in Denmark to safety in Sweden in a heroic act, the world had never seen before. Many Jewish Danes escaped from the village Dragör on small fishing boats. One of these boats was the fishing boat Elisabeth K571k, which ferried many Danish Jews to safety in Sweden on the cold and dark nights of October 1943.


Today Dragör Town is a charming village with old half-timbered houses, cozy cafes and restaurants. A mere 8 miles from the center of Copenhagen, the visit to Dragör will not only evokes the past, but also give you an interesting and unique experience of life in a small Danish coastal village.


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