Rescue route tours

Rescue Route tours

Our Rescue Route Tours are an extension to our Jewish heritage tours in Copenhagen.

Rescue Route 1 – 3-hour tour (Tour price from USD 750)
This tour is a combination of a visit to either The Jewish Museum or the Copenhagen Synagogue, followed by a visit by car to the Dragor fishing village.

Rescue Route 2 – 5-hour tour (Tour price from USD 995)
This tour is a combination of our 3-hour Jewish walking tour followed by a visit by car to the Dragor fishing village.
The tour includes visits inside the Copenhagen Synagogue and the Jewish Museum.

Rescue Route 3 – 5-hour tour by car/minivan (Tour price from USD 1.395)
During this tour, you’ll have a vehicle at your disposal for a 5-hour duration, making it the ideal choice if you wish to blend a classic shore excursion with Jewish highlights like the Copenhagen Synagogue, the Jewish Museum, and a visit to Dragør fishing village.

Dragør fishing village
On our distinctive Rescue Route tours, your Jewish guide will delve into the fascinating history of Danish Jewry, starting from when the first Jews were invited by King Christian 4th in 1622 up to the present day. They’ll also recount personal family narratives, providing insight into the miraculous rescue of over 7,000 Danish Jews during World War 2.

Courageous fishermen played a pivotal role in aiding more than 95% of the Jewish population in Denmark to safety in Sweden during an unprecedented act of heroism. Many Jewish Danes found refuge by escaping from Dragør village on small fishing boats, including the historic fishing boat Elisabeth K571. Explore this authentic fishing cutter that transported numerous Danish Jews to safety in Sweden during the stormy nights of October 1943.

With its old half-timbered houses, charming cafes, and restaurants, Dragør Town offers a picturesque setting. Just 8 miles from Copenhagen’s center, a visit to Dragør not only brings the past to life but also provides a unique glimpse into the daily life of a small Danish coastal village today.

Below you can read more about our 3 different Rescue Route Tours.

*Please note: We only offer pre-booked tours for private parties. We do not have any open tours. 

**The prices mentioned above is the tour price – Not per person.

***The tours will be carried out in all kinds of weather.

Rescue routes tours 1-3

Rescue Route 1

Rescue Route 1, is a 3-hour tour that begins with a visit to either the Jewish Museum or the Copenhagen Synagogue, followed by a visit by car to Dragør fishing village, 8 miles outside Copenhagen.

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Rescue Route 2

Rescue Route 2, is a 5-hour tour including a vehicle for 2 hours. The tour starts with a 3-hours Jewish walking tour including a visit to the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, followed by a visit to Dragør fishing village.

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Rescue Route 3

Rescue Route 3, is a 5-hour tour including a vehicle for 5-hours. The tour includes a visit to the Synagogue, the Jewish Museum and Dragør fishing village. This tour is ideal if you want to explore more of Copenhagen.

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